Lending a helping hand

Carole has always been interested in healing.  As a young girl, she worked at her father’s doctor’s office giving shots, taking care of babies, and cleaning instruments. Carole joined Las Floristas , a society charity that raised money for handicapped children at Rancho Los Amigos in connection with USC School of Medicine. She worked most of the jobs in the charity including Corporate donations, Ball Chairman and President. She was also a member of SHARE, and Thalians with Debbie Reynolds.  For eighteen years she was active on the board of directors of the Hollywood High School Alumni Association .  She served five years as Vice President and two years as President.  Her greatest thrill was meeting the bright young students that qualified for scholarships to college. 


Carole traveled alone through Asia including China, Vietnam, Japan, and Bali studying the religions' beliefs and metaphysical modalities for healing.  For ten years being a musician and singer, her interests were in sound therapy.  Carole learned how sound and light together can be used in healing.  Her main interest now is in energy healing and has her own charity, MotherBird Foundation to promote education in the ancient ways of healing.  She promotes the BEMER , a medical device for healing, improving blood circulation and energy. 


In the eighties, Carole introduced to the doctors at USC and Rancho Los Amigos the new voice-activated technology that was integrated into wheel chairs for children that couldn’t use their arms. It has transformed many lives from being dormant in bed, to being an active child. During the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, California, the King Carl XVI Gustaf the King of Sweden and his lovely wife Queen Silvia visited her home after the Royal Swedish Ball.  The Queen sat on the floor of her upstairs bedroom until 4:30 am reading about Las Floristas and studying all the newest technology we used on handicapped children in the USA.  She took several modalities back to Sweden.

During the Vietnam War, Carole sang and visited the injured Navy men hospitalized as paraplegics in San Diego, Long Beach and San Francisco every other month.  “As the war went on, the men coming back from Vietnam were younger and younger.  It broke my heart to see these beautiful young men no longer able to walk, move their arms and live in wheel chairs the rest of their lives.   After three years of entertaining them It became harder and harder to visit them and sing to them.  I had to stop since it depressed me so much.


After the Vietnam War,  Carole helped organize the first Olympic Wheel Chair Team for the Olympics. and helped put on the first Special Olympics with Eunice Shiver at UCLA.


Carole has been blessed with the ability to read other's health and past lives.  She is a medical intuitive and for years taught techniques of meditation.