Carole Wells

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Charitable Work

Charitable Work in the Los Angeles Area

Carole Wells actively supports several major charities. She was presented with the Humanitarian Award by both the county and city of Los Angeles. She once asked herself, "how does one fulfill one's destiny and help others? How does one effectuate change to better the planet?" Carole knows how grateful people are to be distracted for a few moments from their daily problems and how thrilled they are when they're lifted into another dimension from her years of performing.

Through the study of sound therapy and art, Carole recognizes the need to influence young minds in a constructive manner and provide them with tools to think positively and learn to take the higher road in life. She knows that she is a bright, shining light serving as an expression of God's perfection and plans to use her abilities to break free from mediocrity and present enlightenment to the world of entertainment. Staying in a state of grace and using universal energy will improve the minds and hearts of young people.

Carole's Favorites Charities:

• Hollywood High School Alumni Association • Las Floristas