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Carole Wells' Acting and Writing Credits

Carole Wells has enjoyed a long and illustrious career in the entertainment industry. From appearing in popular films and TV shows to singing in on-stage musicals, Carole has done it all. Performing is her passion, and she loves entertaining audiences. Read the list below to learn which films and TV shows she has appeared in, as well as the titles of books she has written:

Film Credits:

• Funny Lady - 1975, Norma Butler
• The House of Seven Corpses - 1974, Anne
• The Lively Set - 1964, Mona
• A Thunder of Drums - 1961, Camden Yates

TV Credits:

• Police Woman - 1976, "The Trick Book", Dani Summers
• The Virginian - 1967, "A Welcoming Town", Cathy Atkins
• Perry Mason - 1965, "The Case of the Golden Veno", Mirna Decker Lawrence
• Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre -1964, "Time for Elizabeth", Anne Davis
• Leave It to Beaver - 1963, "The All-Night Party", Kathy Gregory
• Wagon Train - 1962 - 1963; "The Johnny Masters Story", Laurie; "The Mary Beckett Story", Ginny Beckett
• Pistols 'n' Petticoats - 1966 - 1967; "Harold's Double", "Colonel Comes to Town", "The Taming of Sorry Water", "Peace Offering", and "The Golden Fleece"; Lucy Hanks

Book Credits:

• Amberella - 2012
• Hijacked: An Eye Witness Account of Evil - Soon to Be Released (Book Signing Schedule to Be Determined)
• Drive-in Dream Girls: A Galaxy of B-Movie Starlets of the Sixties by Thomas Lisanti (Wrote the Foreword)

*Check out her IMDb profile to view a complete list of her credits.